Mar 15


the thing is literally NO ONE cares if u dont think leggings count as pants. no one. no one cares. everyones gonna keep wearing them as pants. theyre pants. no one cares what u think

Mar 15

quote I wouldn’t call this love.
Me, looking round to see
If you’re looking at me,
Me, wondering if you’re thinking of me
When you’re probably not.
Me, staring out the window,
Staring at the shower wall,
Staring at the ceiling,
Staring at the ground, strangers, planning,
Mapping out our next meeting
In my mind.
Me, waiting, day after day,
Hopelessly, listlessly, achingly,
Holding on to a couple of drunken memories,
Will theys, won’t theys, do theys, don’t theys.
Me, debating the ifs and buts, the ins and outs,
And it wears me out.
I wouldn’t call this love.

I Wouldn’t Call This Love

By Ryan Havers

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Mar 15

quote What hurts more? Saying goodbye and terribly missing you, or keeping you close and getting more and more heartbroken each second?

— March 9, 2014
by s.s (via seraphinas-words)
Mar 15


one time a white student from the university in my home town was talking to a student that came from africa to study and said “wow growing up in africa must have been so tough for you” and he just replied “my family could buy you” and walked away

Mar 15


there is a thin line between being sassy and being an asshole and i cross it everyday

Mar 15

♡ find your best posts on my blog ♡


♡ find your best posts on my blog ♡

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I’ve pretty much lost everyone I’ve ever cared about